Monday, 11 March 2013

(GIST): Lil Kim Sues Lawyer For $1 Million Over Licensing

Lil Kim
Lil Kim
Kimmy Blanco, popularly known as Lil Kim has filed a $1 million lawsuit against her former lawyer Sunny Barkats, accusing Barkats of making her sign a bad licensing agreement.
The Junior M.A.F.I.A. femcee says Barkats and his business partner had somehow commandeered a 44% stake in licensing her name for brands. Kimmy Blanco became aware of the sketchy business in December 2012.
But Barkat is calling the whole lawsuit a “frivolous” attempt to back out of a contract.
The public still awaits for a new Lil Kim LP. She hasn’t released a legit studio album since 2005′s The unclad Truth. Her latest mixtape was Black Friday, which dropped in 2011.
Supporters of Barkat think Kim’s lawsuit was out of desperation; “she has not really done well over the years and now she’s looking for fast money,” they insisted.
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