Saturday, 20 October 2012


Another effortless sexy hairstyle for the ladies is the rihanna hair-do although it was originated back in the days by a musician named Anita Baker.... The modernized version is what Rihanna has got lots of girls going gaga for... check it out;

Who doesn't love braids??? Even guys love it when their girls got braids on.... There is a whole lot of ways to look sexy and smashing with braids;;;

                                 Nubian twist is another variation of twist. This twist however has a different curl pattern than kinky twist. It is best to use synthetic hair to achieve that type of twist look. When starting this style the stylists generally starts with a base braid hold the synthetic hair or hair extension to the customer’s natural hair.

Braids are many transitioning women’s go to hair style. Braids when done properly can protect the hair and reduce stress on the hair from daily styling. But be cautious, braids that are too tight pull on the hair and can cause follicle damage and localized alopecia especially around the temples and hairline. When I used to wear cornrows I would have my braider start maybe a half an inch away from my hair line to avoid damaging the hair. I also would not allow her to braid my hair too tight, and one little trick that I would do was bend my neck towards my chest to while she braided down, so that was I knew that I’ll have full motion when she was completed. I find it very uncomfortable to have fresh braids but no movement in your neck because they braided every single hair that was back there.
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