Sunday, 10 February 2013

Anyone WORSHIPPING with Adeboye and Oyedepo are in a CULT- 10 quotes by Kemi Olunloyo will SHOCK you

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You can describe Kemi Olunloyo in many ways: an outspoken journalist, media expert, advocate, politician, deportee… List goes on.
Not that she cares. The daughter of former governor of Oyo State, Omololu Olunloyo just keeps on talking even when it threatens her life. She’s come under attack so many times but that has not stopped her in any way from posting comments online.
The, recently that she had complained about Yoruba people altering their real names on Facebook sparked reactions from all corners of social networking sites.
You have to read it to believe it.
Olunloyo had posted:
“Nigerians really irritate me on Facebook when they alter their names into these eyesore names. As a member of the Community standards team at Facebook, u are not allowed a fake name. Many Nigerians in the Yoruba tribe where I am from, disgustingly alter the spellings of their names to horrible proportions. These beautiful African names are defaced due to lack of self esteem. I reported 10 last week on FB and they were told to produce ID before their pages could be re-opened. They got mad at me. I clearly warned them beforehand. Even ppl with other fake nicknames need to be reported if you see them without a real name. I don’t see this trend in other tribes in Nigeria. #SMH
My full name is Olukemi Omololu-Olunloyo spelled like a eyesore is Holukehmi Hormololoo-Howloonlawyour”
When we decided to look for the source of this comment, we stumbled on far more shocking opinions from herself.
Just before like many others who thought her statements aren’t real, Olunloyo made it clear on her Facebook page that they were:
 ”Nigerians, why are yáll so WEAK to think my acct has been hacked when u see a shocking status. Don’t u have people that KEEP it REAL in Nigeria?,” she posted.
Here are 10 controversial comments from Kemi Olunloyo:
1. Igbos are the wisest Nigerians. If they were all deported to Imo/Anambra/Enugu, the Economy of Ibadan will collapse!
2. Anyone WORSHIPING with Adeboye and Oyedepo are in a C.U.LT. they are all risking DEATH like Jim Jones congregation.
3. Yorubas treat Hausas terrible. They are not ur sooya slaves!
4. Good Morning, its 9.15am in the City of Angels. (Real Angels)
Stop messaging me about an AGENT of the DEVIL!
F**k Adeboye
5. One of my children was raped by a govt official at age 4. It was covered up. It has eaten me up inside for years and I am now on the phone with his US Senator while Im (sic) here. I want justice for my son.
6. Why are most of my FB fans in Ng MEN? Could it be the women are jealous and intimidated?
7. Madam Governor Lifestyle: YES I carry Guns around Ibadan. There are 5 of them and I owned them legally in the USA.
8. Madam Governor Lifestyle: NIGERIAN WOMEN, you irresponsible bitches that feel that I should have stayed in an abusive relationship at 26 need to know that domestic violence should not be tolerated in Nigeria.
9. Nigerian Muslim women, I know I rippped yáll last month and u gave me 1500 comments and failed to go burn the streets down. I’m one of you. Remember keep those HIJABS clean. I have had to cover my nose smelling ppl’s heads while waiting at the bus stop. Also it is absolutely NOT necessary to rinse your vagina during an abolition. Hands, legs and head ONLY.
My statuses are designed to read the Nigerian mind and mentality. I want to fix this country and being a politician is not the only way to do it.
10. I once proposed to AKON in Canada. He loves Nigerian women.
Love her or hate her, Olunloyo who has plans to head to the Senate in 2015, will keep on talking in her hope to change the Nigerian mentality.

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