Monday, 14 January 2013

Man sentenced to jail for 35 years for killing baby with washing acid

One look at your local news and it becomes frighteningly clear why doomsdayers believe we’re nearing what some refer to as the End Times.
A Philadelphia man recently pleaded guilty to killing a baby by rubbing its body with Drano.
NBC News reports:
On February 2, 2010, police arrived at the 4500 block of North 18th Street only to find 20-month-old Suliaman Orrell Kirkland with burns on the upper part of his body.
Aaron Pace, a friend of the baby’s mother who was babysitting the boy, put Drano on a cloth and rubbed the poisonous cloth on the baby’s skin because he had been crying, police said.
Drano is a heavy duty cleaning product used to unclog blockages in drains. The household product unclogs drains because of how the acid in the cleaner corrodes other substances, so this explains the burns found on the child’s body.
The toddler was brought to St. Christopher’s Hospital in critical condition and died almost a week later.
Pace said Pace understood what he was doing by pleading guilty, even though defense attorney Fred Goodman said his client’s IQ was between 57 and 68.
Pace is not the child’s father, even though he was identified as the child’s father in an initial police report.
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