Tuesday, 22 January 2013


A man has been arrested along with his daughter-in-law for being intimate during then two year long relationship.

Louis Ncube, 54 and Betina Dube, 26, from Zimbabwe, pleaded guilty for having sexual intercourse within a prohibited relationship, when they appeared before the magistrate.

Dube & Ncube were sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, which were suspended on codition that they perform 105hrs of community service in madlambuzi starting on 21 January. Ncube had sexual intercourse with his daughter-in-law also from the same area at his son's house.

The pair revealed that they became intimate when Dube's husband, who is employed in South Africa, started neglecting his family and stopped supporting his wife and two children.

As a result Ncube, who is a widower offered financial assistance to his daughter-in-law and to his two grandchildren leading to the start of their relationship.

Dube's husband, who took the matter to the village elders, caught them in the act. The matter was resolved and Ncube was ordered to pay a cow and a goat to his son. The matter came to light when Dube's husband recently chased his wife away over the issue.

The State's case is that the pair acting in common purpose had consensual sex several times on dates and times unknown, but during the period from 1 September 2010 to 31 June last year at Dube's house.

Dube was chased away from her marital home over the matter. She proceeded to report the matter to the police, who arrested her, as they accused her of committing an offence. The father-in-law was later arrested.
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