Monday, 21 January 2013

Jim Iyke hits back at blogger, Linda Ikeji

One thing is clear, some Linda Ikeji blog readers do not like Nollywood actor Jim Iyke and some of his fans don’t like Ikeji’s blog either. We came to this conclusion after reading some of the comments on Ikeji’s blog and Iyke’s twitter handle.
This is not the first time she has blogged about the actor and he got angry. In fact after posting these pictures, she added the caption:
‘Jim Iyke Shows Off Six Pack’ …‘Every time I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job na…lol. Nice body’
Some of these comments were pretty harsh and he probably blames her for not taking it down. True to her words, the actor has hit back at her on Twitter. Apparently he wasn’t happy with some of the comments Ikeji’s post elicited.
Iyke said: @jimiykeofficial
“It’s m handle and my space. I do wit it wtf I pls. If dat hermophrodite witch LINDA n her lame employees dt like it then hug a transformer!”
See more of Iyke’s response:
Last year, Ikeji and Iyke went off at each other after a misunderstanding about some blog posts –Iyke later apologized, so we hope they make up soon.
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