Saturday, 22 March 2014

6 Attributes Of Most Awesome Girlfriend Ever

There are 6 characteristics of an awesome girlfriend no guy can ever resist…

1. She is honest

Every guy appreciates his girlfriend being an honest person. Moreover, most men like things to be told straight so that they don’t have to question or guess what the girl means. Honesty leads to trust – the basis of any relationship.

2. She is fun and friendly

We love the ones who can make us smile and enjoy every moment spent together. Thus, if the two of you have a similar understanding of the word “fun”, doing these funny activities together can make you even more attached to each other.

3. She is loyal

Neither women, nor men like to be cheated on. Jealousy is a feeling capable of destroying the most passionate love. To avoid the break-up don’t flirt with other guys, just make him know you can be trusted.

4. She is loving out loud

It doesn’t mean you need to tell your man every five minutes how much you love him. Just remember to let him know that you care about him. Believe it: men are extremely sensitive, and he will appreciate this move.

5. She is not needy

Guys love independent girls, who have the lives of their own. Getting all your attention concentrated on your man is not a good idea. Meet your friends, find your hobbies when a man enters your life. Make it all balanced…

6. She thrills him with spontaneous adventures

Watching TV together is fine, but not every singe day. We all need some rock-n-roll in our life from time to time. It can be something as simple as going to a new restaurant to try foreign food you’ve never tasted. It is up to you to chose the best option for you two.
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