Thursday, 6 February 2014

(GIST): Paul Walker Wills $25 Million Fortune To 15-year-old Daughter

Like the mystery of Paul Walker’s death the mystery of his will was answered on Tuesday by court documents which show that his $25 million estate goes to his daughter Meadow.

When the popular star of the Fast & Furious franchise died on November 30, 2013 conspiracy theories filled the Internet with ideas of just how and why the 40 year-old actor had met his fiery end. Continue...

The 40-year-old actor named his 15-year-old child, Meadow Rain Walker, as the sole beneficiary of his entire estate in his will.

The star appointed his father Paul Sr. as the executor, who has filed the will with a probate court and his mother Cheryl as her legal guardian. Ms Walker is also named as the guardian of their daughter's trust until she is of appropriate age to inherit the fortune. A court hearing is scheduled for later this month.

Meadow lives with her mom , Rebecca Soteros presently. If Paul gets his last wish, grandma will become Meadow's guardian. It's unclear if Rebecca approves, but it's definitely strange that Paul wanted his mom to be guardian since Meadow lives with Rebecca.
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