Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Naeto C back in school again

Naeto C, photo: Instagram
Naeto C is really setting himself up nicely for the future. Photo: Instagram
Rapper, Naeto C has returned to school for further studies.
This was disclosed by the rapper’s politician mother, Kema Chikwe in a recent interview with Punch where she talked about how she was initially not in support of his music dreams amongst other things.
Chikwe, a former Minister of Aviation, Ambassador to Ireland and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)Women Leader said of her son, ‘Right now, he is in London at the Oxford University taking a course in Energy Economics.  He is there with his wife and baby. He is a son any mother would want’.
Hmmm, that’s degree after degrees, not forgetting hits after hits, dude is really setting himself up nicely for the future.
In November 2010, the self-acclaimed ‘only MC with an MSc’, a few years ago took time off music to pursue a Masters’ degree in Energy Economics from the University of Dundee, Scotland.
After that came the highly successful and award winning sophomore album, ‘Super C Season’.
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