Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What!!! Kanye West Turns Down American Idol Gig?


Are we shocked? This is so Kanye West to put up an act as crazy as this one! The rapper didn’t need 3 million Dollars when photos of his child were badly needed on the cover of a magazine but would he also ditch more millions to become a judge on a TV show as popular and as big as the American Idol? Wow! This dude must be f**king Rich!
Last we checked, his daughter, North West  has stepped out of the house twice – going to a hospital and attending her great grand daddy’s funeral – and his house is still to be bought and …err baby mamaKim Kardashian hasn’t being making too much mullah guest appearing at gigs. So Kanye, is this such a wise decision?
Fox execs are in search of judge number 3 –with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban holding spots 1 and 2 – and reports say they reached out to rapper Kanye West but the latest daddy in town turned it down! For reasons best known to him!
According to a source, “he didn’t want to go that mainstream. He didn’t want to lose any of his street credibility.” Really?
Well, if Kanye has unfortunately or fortunately turned this fast cash earner down, who will Fox then go for: DiddyWill.i.amRodney Jerkins or go for the favorite, producer Dr. Luke?
Guys what do you think of Kanye West’s decision?
(L2R) Diddy,, Rodney Jerkins and Dr. Luke
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