Thursday, 18 July 2013

(GIST): WMG ENT in Conjunction with TTC (The TalkCity) Presents First Ever Smile Competition ( #SmileCompetition ) Details

Mister Kay is back again from Conga, Love Games now #Smile... He is hosting a competition with Us TTC(The TalkCity) Themed  #SmileCompetition
How to get in:
Follow @thetalkcityng on twitter and tweet a picture of your smile and you  are up for the competition pls put the Hastage #SmileCompetition when you tweet the picture...
The winner of the Smile competition would be announced on the 27th of july 2013 when the song by Mister Kay "SMILE" Drops...
LET YOUR SMILES ROLL INN!!!! #SmileCompetition :D
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