Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tonto Dikeh Tins: 8 Out Of 10 Nigerian Women Bleach Their Skins - WHO

Aljazeera recently took a look at Nigeria’s booming skin bleaching market and shockingly, they mentioned that according to the World Health Organization, 8 out of 10 Nigeria women bleach their skin.

What a staggering statistic!

Gradually, skin bleaching is taking over Africa and the ease at which skin bleaching products can be obtained has made it worst.

The stigma attach to skin bleaching which served as a sort of block in Africa has died off—-and today, you cannot even tell if a person is bleaching or not as most opt for untraceable modern creams/pills.

And Femi Kuti supports my all time argument that—-skin toning is the same as skin bleaching, just that people like Yvonne Nelson and the millions out there are trying to avoid societal criticisms by calling their sort of skin bleaching-skin toning!

I’ve heard people say,  I do not bleach, I just tone by skin.

I have seen people buy skin toning creams and they think it is cool. You know what, the application of anything/cream to your skin to change its colour or transform your skin from the original state to a new state (no matter how little the change will be) is SKIN BLEACHING.

Have you realized that all these people who bleach/tone their skin have some funny smell following them?

I am told that MOST of the mixed race people, especially the celebrities who live in tropical Africa bleach too—just to be able to keep their light skin…

Have you noticed the difference between Majid Michel’s skin and that of Nadia Buari? They’ve all live in Ghana, under the same scorching sun…right?

Watch out the report below…

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