Monday, 3 June 2013

(NEWS): Dana Plane Crash: One Year Later

                          Dana Plane Crash: One Year Later
Exactly one year ago today, 153 passengers and eight people on the ground were killed when the Dana plane flying from Abuja to Lagos, crashed.
The terrible tragedy rocked the country and was followed by an intense investigation into the aviation industry. Still, a year later, a range of issues have yet to be addressed. Issues like the difficulty of  compensating the victims’ families in line with the Montreal Convention to aviation safety and the role of various aviation agencies tasked with search and rescue.
Analysts are speculating that some of the families of the victims may ask for more than the basic 100,000 dollars, claiming loss of their primary providers.
While there are many issues waiting to be addressed, today is about the victims and their families still reeling from the accident. A memorial ceremony  will be held in Lagos State today where the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, will unveil a centograph to honour the victims.
Let’s take a moment in honour of the victims. 

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