Wednesday, 19 June 2013

(GIST): Send him home, he can no longer function normally – US doctors give up on Suntai

Governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai can no longer function as a normal person, Neurological Doctors treating the embattled Governor in the United States have told his family and the state government. 

It was gathered that after several months of treatment in the US, the Doctors have now informed the family of Suntai and the Deputy Governor of the state, during a recent visit, to send Suntai home to manage his worsening condition, as there was nothing they could do to bring him back to stable condition. 

DailyPost recalled that Suntai was first treated at the famous John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, before he was later moved to a rehabilitation centre in upstate, New York, both of which have not yielded any positive result. 

Medical sources said when Suntai was brought in from Germany, his brain was swollen and had totally lost significant control of his ability to recognize people or speak audibly. He disclosed that the Governor now drools like a baby.

It would be recalled that Suntai in October 2012, was flown to Germany for brain treatment after surviving an air crash near Yola Airport. 

DailyPost leanrt that the State government has spent close to $3.5 million on his treatment in the US alone, yet no improvement. 

The Governor’s wife and a few other politicians, including the Commissioner of Information, Emmanuel Bello, are reportedly manipulating the media by claiming that Suntai has fully recovered and would soon return to govern the state.

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