Sunday, 12 May 2013


In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, double-dealing Nicki Minaj claims her American Idol colleague ‘Mariah Carey’ is fake.
Going by Ms Minaj’s quote “Real recognises real and (Mariah) isn’t part of the club”, In this case i find her statement about Mariah quite interesting, as it is glaring how artificial the muppet like rapper is. Well in my book Real recognises real but i must say Nicki Minaj is looking unfamiliar!

I just really thought that we were friends but that’s the other thing I learned that this industry is so fake,” claimed Minaj, who has yet to reveal her real age or natural hair to the world. “You walk away thinking people are yourfriends and they’re not. It’s a couple nice hi and byes and then really, you better not step on nobody’s toes.” She told E!
The vacillating rapper went further saying; “God forbid you get a little shine
God forbid you’re maybe witty or quick on your toes or make someone laugh. Then maybe you’re making another person feel insecure. And you shouldn’t have to dim your light to let another person shine.
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