Thursday, 23 May 2013

(NEWS): Tonto Dikeh, Mercy Drops In Nollywood Ranking


The death knell for Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson in Nollywood has been sounded. Both actresses, according to rumours making rounds in the industry, are beginning to get less attention and movie roles from producers and directors. 

While the trouble with Tonto Dikeh, as a reliable source puts it is that, “Tonto Dikeh is no more on the most wanted list of producers and directors again. They don't know if she is a musician or an actor again. 

Moreover she is getting too much on her hands to the dislike of those in Nollywood. And for Mercy Johnson, her problem is just eating too much at a particular time. Mercy is having more than she can swallow.”

But in a swift reaction, a Nollywood stakeholder, Oliver Peters via telephone countered the rumours, “That is not really true. Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Johnson remain favourites of the industry. But for now, Tonto is so busy that she is not having much time for movie shoots. And the case with Mercy is that she just returned from abroad where she had gone to deliver her baby. For now she is taking her time off movie shoots.”!
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