Sunday, 26 May 2013

(GIST): Yvonne Nwosu Talks About Her Relationship With Iceprince And Annie Idibia

In this interview with PunchNg Yvonne Nwosu talked about her childhood and working relationship with Annie Idibia and also cleared the air about her relationship with Ice prince. See The Interview Below..

Why do you have so much tattoos?

I have about four tattoos and they represent different things. I have some in some undisclosed places but the ones you can see, you can see. I have on my hand, which represents my daughter; she is my angel. The one on my leg is my Leo star sign. The other ones, let’s forget about them.

Did you ever date Ice Prince?
Ice Prince is just my friend. It has always been that way. It does not matter if I put up pictures. I could put up pictures of anybody. I never said anything, next minute people were saying I’m dating him. I never said anything. I don’t have a boyfriend, he is just my friend.

How did you feel when you heard the rumours, didn’t you feel bad?
No, I did not feel bad. He is a good looking guy so why will I feel bad? Do they want to dash me boyfriend? I did not feel bad at all, I let everything be.

What was your experience making clothes for Annie Macaulay-Idibia’s bridesmaids?
It was great, everything went well. That was my second bridal work; my second wedding. The first was for a friend. That was when I knew I could go into it. That one went well, no stress, nothing as it was in Lagos. This one, we had it in Dubai. Most of the bridesmaids hadn’t come for their fittings, but everything went smoothly at the end of the day. I had to fly to Dubai to get the girls fitted for the last time, it was just crazy. I didn’t make the bride’s dress. I don’t listen to rumours, I just let everything go because I know I did not make the dress.

Why did you choose to go into fashion designing?
I have always had this fashion thing in me. I have always had this fashion thing going on since I discovered clothes and colours. My mother said I used to choose my clothes when I was young. When I was a child, I always chose my clothes. I never studied it in school, I would just add two and two together and they came out nice. When I discovered it was my passion, I felt I could translate it into something good.

What is your worst fear?
I hate being in a dark room. I hate the dark. I sleep with the lights on. I put the lights on, either that or the television is on. It’ll have no sound but it will just be on and I can see movement.

Are you in a relationship?
No, I’m very single.

Why did you not debunk the rumours?
Me? You think I have time for Lagos? You think I want to go out there and talk? I don’t have time. I have better things to do, I’ll not go on Twitter and say it’s a lie. Say whatever you want to say, it is my life. I don’t do that.

What do you look out for in a man?
His eyes and his lips.  
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