Monday, 8 April 2013

(GIST): Police Arrest Trader On Assasination Mission To Kill Colleague

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a trader in Alaba International Market, Anthony Nwogu, for attempting to kill his colleague, Afam Anazodo, in Isheri area of the state.

According to police authorities, Nwogu and another person at large on March 21, 2013, set out to kill Anazodo at his home when policemen stopped them for another offence.

It was learnt that after interrogation, Nwogu also confessed that he was going to murder Anazodo, he described as a wicked businessman.

A police source said, “In the afternoon of March 21, Nwogu and another person he identified as Oyinbo, were attempting to snatch a car at gunpoint around Satellite Town when policemen sighted them. On seeing the policemen, they threw a gun they were using into the nearby bush and fled.

“Nwogu was later arrested while the other guy escaped. Upon interrogation, he confessed that they were on their way to murder Anazodo, adding that they needed the vehicle for transport.

“He also confessed that the gun was licensed but did not belong to him.”

Nwogu said Anazodo deserved to be killed because of the wicked manner which he operated his business.
He said, “I own four shops in Alaba Market where I sell label compact discs. However, Afam (Anazodo) outsells us through his wicked schemes. We had reported him to policemen, but he always managed to go scot-free while our business suffered.

“One day, I approached another colleague of mine, Nnaemeka Njoku, who owns a licensed gun. I told him that he should lend me the gun and that I wanted to use it for an operation. He agreed but said I would have to give him my car as collateral and he would return it to me after I had returned the gun.

“I had planned with Oyinbo that we would storm Afam’s house and kill him. I don’t know how to use a gun so Oyinbo agreed that he would pull the trigger. On our way to Afam’s house, we decided that it would be better if we used a stolen car to carry out our operation to avoid being traced. It was while we were trying to snatch a car that policemen arrested me.”

It was  learnt that the owner of the gun, Njoku, had also been arrested by policemen at Area E Command. Upon searching his home, policemen also recovered a bulletproof vest.

Njoku, who claimed to own seven shops in the same market, said he had no hand in the crime as he only lent Nwogu his gun.

“My pump-action gun is licensed. I have seven shops and I import kitchen utensils. I did not join them in the operation and I should be released,” he said.

The spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.

“A double-barrelled gun was recovered from them and they will be charged with attempted murder,” she said.

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