Thursday, 11 April 2013

(GIST): ''i am no longer sueing Omawumi for stealing my song'' - Albert Ujemba

Ujemba and Omawumi

Many of you have been dancing and rocking Omawumi's bottom belle song but we all know she is not the original composer..right?

The man behind the legendary hit track is Albert Ujemba...a popular highlife king in the 80's..he initially threatened to sue Omawumi but i was surprised to spot him at the singer's last concert,''Lasso of truth''.

Surely, i got diggin' and here was what i could find, an excerpt from a popular magazine's interview with him,
We learnt you were planning to sue Omawumi over the unauthorised usage of your song, what changed?It was then, but now i have calmed down, we have settled everything.There is no issue again.
How does it feel seeing her do great with your song?In fact,it's wonderful..i so much like her spirit.
Forget all this one...when an Ibo man uses the word 'settle'....Ego must be involved...
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