Tuesday, 2 April 2013

(ARTICLE): Ladies: How To Trick Men Into Thinking You Have Big-Breasts

  • Wear a push-up bra with lined cups to help boost your breasts. Choose one with a firm strap that will help lift your breasts from the front as you fasten it. You can also try twisting the part between the bra cups in order to squeeze your breasts together, making them look bigger.
  • Use makeup to make your breasts look rounder and fuller. Prepare a blush that is the same shade as your skin tone. Brush your chosen shade onto the upper curving outline of your breasts, using a thick brush. The stroke of your brush should be done in a side-to-side, wiper-like motion. Make sure to keep both sides even. Then get a thinner brush and apply a slightly lighter shade on the center (where your cleavage is), using up-and-down strokes. Experiment until you get the look you desire.
  • Doll up with the right type of clothing. Go for tops that will accentuate your breasts, such as tube tops. Tube tops not only show the fullness of your breasts, but also throw emphasis onto your neckline and shoulders. Avoid tops with round and plunging necklines, as they will only make your breasts look smaller.
  • Put on a little weight. Breasts are known to store fat, so flat breasts will get fuller with a little added fat. But make sure to go slowly and keep your diet in balance, if you consider doing this method.
  • Go invasive. chest implants are the fastest way to own a bigger set of breasts. There is no need to cross your fingers and hope for it to work; it is an instant process that will surely enhance your chest size. But be cautious when choosing the surgeon to handle your surgery. Pick the most experienced one to avoid complications. And, if you do opt for a cosmetic surgery, you’ll need to save up a lot of money.
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