Saturday, 20 April 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 By uzo Akuxi @mr_akuxi 
Battery Life

Apple estimates eight hours of talk or internet uptime for the iPhone 5. We’ll have to wait for some hands-on time with GS4 before drawing conclusions about its battery life.
Technically, both S4 processors are better than the Iphone5 processor. But this not really important, because most apps don’t push the processor to its limit.
Do you believe “bigger is better” or “less is more”? Whatever you believe in, Android phones seem to be getting bigger while Apple seems to be maintaining the size of the iPhone. Before making a decision, you might want to get your hands on both devices to find out which size you prefer.
The S4 has more pixels/inch and a larger screen than the iPhone5. The larger screen would be an advantage for those with large hands.
The size of the S4’s random access memory is double that of the iPhone.
The storage capacity of both phones is equal.

For those that like light phones, the iPhone5 is lighter than the S4.
Samsung is heavily pushing its software-based camera features in Galaxy S4. These include Dual Camera (it simultaneously snaps shots and videos with both cameras and lets you imprint one inside the other), Drama Shot (a burst mode that combines the images into a collage), and Sound & Shot (records an audio clip along with still shots).

Both are amazing smartphones with their own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, neither can claim to be better than the other, but if we look closely, we can identify the areas where one has an advantage over the other and vice versa.

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