Saturday, 16 March 2013

(GIST): #MyOgaAtTheTop: There’s now a game for it, daz all (CLICK TO PLAY)

I just had to put this one,well click to pay 

Kuluya, a game development outfit based in Lagos has created a game based on the #MyOgaAtTheTop phenomenon.
Just tried playing it but got a score #MyOgaAtTheTop will not approve of.
With over a hundred games already, Kuluya intends to change the gaming landscape in Africa and we think this one will do the trick.
Gamers who play the game, #MyOgaAtTheTop are also treated to a soundtrack which is a mash-up of theCivil Defence commandant’s reply during his embarrassing outing on Channels TV.
Kuluya create games developed with African players as the key focus. From high-end console games to the casual browser games like the ‘Oga at the top, what is your website?’ game.
GAME DESCRIPTION: Navigate the  questions mine field by using your mouse to control the character. Avoid all Top Level Domains! Daz All!
Click HERE to play.
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