Wednesday, 6 March 2013

(GIST): Bloggers Want To Destroy My Relationship With Tiwa – Fiance Teebillz

Since Teebillz and Tiwa got engaged, after denying over and over again that they were in a relationship, new gist sprung up that Teebillz already had two kids from a woman based abroad, with pictures to prove it.
Well, here’s what Teebillz has to say about his love children rumour:
“I wonder why some jobless people want to destroy my relationship. Since I proposed to Tiwa, these sets of destroyers have been on my neck. Without me granting them interviews, they fabricate all kind of lies about our union. Some would even go to the extent of quoting me, even when they never got to talk to me. It’s all a lie. I have never been married and I don’t know why and where they got the pictures from. Rumour mongers and bloggers especially, are beginning to show how inexperienced they are on this job. I wonder if this people have any good thing doing.”
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