Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gist Mania: (LIST)- The 25 Most Miserable Countries in the World (Nigeria not Included)

1. Zimbabwe
Description: 1. Zimbabwe

Misery index score: 103.3
Inflation: 8.3%
Unemployment: 95%

Several human rights organizations have called out the government of Zimbabwe for violating basic rights like freedom of assembly and the protection of the law. Violence and intimidation are common in political tactics, and political leaders have mostly failed to agree on any key outstanding governmental issues in the past few years.

Zimbabwe's economic growth is slowing, in part because of poor harvests and low diamond revenues. According to the CIA Factbook, 'the government of Zimbabwe still faces a number of difficult economic problems, including infrastructure and regulatory deficiencies, ongoing indigenization pressure, policy uncertainty, a large external debt burden, and insufficient formal employment.'

The local unemployment rate is estimated to be 95 per cent, though the CIA Factbook says that the true unemployment is 'unknowable' under current economic conditions. Though the inflation rate has stabilized of late, Zimbabwe faced massive hyperinflation between 2003 and 2009.
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