Saturday, 26 January 2013

Man burns pregnant sister-in-law to death for pouring water on his dog

A pregnant woman was set ablaze recently in Imo State after a brief argument with her brother-in-law, a report claims.
The suspect, Chibueze Njoku of Umuekwunne community in Imo State was arrested for murdering Uloma Njoku because she apparently maltreated his dog when she poured a cup of water on it.
According to reports, an eyewitness claims that the mother of three who was pregnant with her fourth child had served her children lunch and was washing at the back of the house when the dog drank from the children’s cup.
The eyewitness said the victim threw the remaining water on the dog when her children told her that their uncle’s dog had drunk from their water.
Njoku came out from his room and demanded to know why the she drenched his dog but was not satisfied with the victim’s explanation.
She continued her washing but soon afterwards her brother-in-law emerged dousing her in fuel before he set her ablaze.
She was taken to a health centre nearby but didn’t survive the burns.
The Public Relations Officer of the Imo Police Command, Vitalis Onugu, confirmed the incident. He said the suspect was now under investigation by the State Criminal Investigations Department for prosecution. (NAN)
The neighbours, who handed the suspect over to the police, described him as a terror to the community.
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