Saturday, 5 January 2013

Father Forgets 11-Months-Old Baby At Strip Club

The Man Who Left His Baby At Strip Club

A drunk dad stumbled into a strip club on Sunday night and left his 11-month-old baby at the establishment. Kenneth Rowe, 26, was reportedly wasted when he walked into Shark Lounge liquor store in Daytona Beach and asked a clerk to watch his baby boy, according to WFTV.
It's unclear whether the clerk actually agreed, but Rowe nevertheless ditched the baby for the Shark Lounge gentleman's club, which sits in the same building, the Sun-Sentinel reports. 

The clerk called police and reported that the baby was hungry and had a rash on his face. Cops caught up with Rowe and charged him with child neglect. The boy is now with the state Department of Children and Families

The Shark Lounge, which promises "We Will Rock You" on its website, hails itself as Daytona Beach's number-one class act and proclaims it "has always made the topic of conversation."
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