Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ace Critic hits on Ice Prince

Panshak Zamani goes by the stage name, ice prince, young talented hip-hop/r&b artist from Jos, Nigeria. He released an album “everybody Loves Ice prince” October,2011 affiliated with two record labels; Loopy Records and Chocolate City Records, know to be in a group commonly known as, Choc Boiz, with M.I, Brymo and Jesse Jagz and has featured with leaders in the Nigeria music industry, categorized as one of the best upcoming artist.
Ice prince debut album E.L.I, one of the most anticipated albums of 2011 due to his hit-single ”Oleku- ft Brymo” and unnecessary hype behind it which later turned out to be a disappointment to the public, the album was extremely exhausting and boring with tracks talking about the past Nigeria music legends, juju, which i thought was very unnecessary, talking about girls, haters, his hustle,...,which is basically what you would find in most basic Nigerian albums but with the hype and anticipation, we expected a brilliant album not something basic.
An artist in my definition is someone who expresses emotion in his work through music, and emotion is exactly what ice prince is missing and needs. People listen to his songs but really can’t relate with him due to his lack of emotion. Hip-Hop is genre which requires perfectly, intelligently constructed and brilliantly delivered lyrics, Ice Prince possess the ability to deliver brilliantly but lacks the ability to perfectly construct mind blowing lyrics which makes him a typical basic rapper, if with no improvement or emotion or spontaneous lyrics would make his fans who are at the edge of their seats with anticipation disappointed.
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