Monday, 14 January 2013

9 things that make a guy romantic

For some time now, I have been of the opinion that ladies need to make up their mind when it comes to how they judge a guy to be ‘romantic’. Back in school, I discovered they all had divergent views and standards, which made it all so confusing. I told my female friends “You all need to arrive at a few things guys can remember and everybody is happy”.
On behalf of all dudes who have been accused of not being romantic, I have sampled the opinion of different ladies and I bring it to you for assessment. I hope we don’t have to set up a committee to look into these responses:
1. His ability to make a woman feel like the only one in the world when there are millions. He must also remember important dates.
2. He should be understanding and be my best friend more than any other person. He should also do little things to make me happy.
3. He should call first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He should be caring, nice, kind, generous and lend a helping hand always.
4. The words he says and the way he holds a lady.
5. He should be sensitive to my needs. Read my body language and respond accordingly. He should also be spontaneous with surprises.
6. He should be a good listener and be sensitive.
7. He should give her gifts, help around the house, call her pet names and show her off to all and sundry.
8. He should always spend quality time with her, make her a priority and be good at springing up good surprises.
The last but not the least and my personal favourite of all the responses I received:
9. Less stupidity.
There you have it gentlemen, feel free to punch holes. Ladies we will appreciate more responses.
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