Saturday, 5 January 2013

10 Greatest Grammatical Blunders Ever Captured From Yoruba Movies

I sincerely can’t stop laughing. It seems perhaps we want to watch these movies now just to capture the screens of these blunders which always seem to happen. The big question is “Isn’t there a real Video editor and not just some translating robot?” This is beyond me! Here are a few Blunders from captions on Yoruba movies that we found off Blackberry DPs, Twitter avatars and social media in general.

So here are the 10 Greatest Grammatical Blunders Ever Captured From Yoruba Movies. 
Abi oh! So what if you does it na? LOL
1: Infact i was dump folded, i have no word to alter….. Gosh! this is just hilarious
2: I went to the doctor, and i was discover 6 weeks pregnancy… How bad can this get
3: I’ve came to my senses, no more sharing…… Please don’t share.. Thank you.. LMAO!!!!
4: *My Lips Are Sealed*
5: Am in support… I should abortion LMFAO!!!

We can’t stop Laughing! Read the full List HERE on Gbosa
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